COVID-19 – Impact on BDSL Events

It will come as no surprise that the BDSL season has been thrown completely out of kilter as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic which is now affecting every part of our lives.

We already delayed the AGM for other reasons and, as you know, it – together with the Prize Giving – was due for this coming weekend at the double event in Wales.

The committee are very aware of how unsettling and annoying this decision has been, especially for the 2019 podium holders. Aaron had made some great trophies and we hope to organise for them to be sent to you as soon as possible.

As for the 2020 league, it is hoped that it can be commenced at the first event we would be able to sanction once the Government have given the ‘all-clear’. This may result in the league running mid-year to mid-year or autumn to autumn in the future. We will have to wait and see, and appreciate your patience.

The committee is seeing some changes this year with Daniel stepping down as Chair and Aaron also leaving the committee. At present, the committee comprises myself, Sabina, along with Pete Connolly, Dale Goodwin, Hermione Pearson and Ben Stainer.

Would you consider getting involved? There is so much passionate blood out there, many amazing people with true hearts for the skate community and the UKDH scene. Please, please, consider taking a place on the committee!

We would appreciate input from all around the UK & Ireland and would like to see a committee member representing every region or crew. That way we will become a truly united organisation.

Always feel free to communicate with us and share your thoughts. With this enforced hiatus, now is the time to make changes. Let’s take a positive stance and move the BDSL forward. Together.

Stay safe, stay healthy


BDSL 2019 Rankings


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