2019 Prize Giving/AGM & 2020 Season Announcement

As 2020 unfolds, we are excited that the first events are being organised and partnered with the BDSL, kicking off with the double-weekender at Sheepy and Abercynon in March.


As the final touches are put in place for these events, we, as riders and participants, would like to take this opportunity to thank the event organisers for their efforts and to assure them that we will all work together to ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend. With this in mind, the BDSL would like to remind all participants that the utmost level of respect and courtesy is expected from everyone who attends these events, whether as a contender, a free-rider or even as a spectator.


The BDSL feel it is important to mention this as last year’s Winter Chaos event experienced a degree of disruption, some from riders, some from uncertain sources, but ultimately resulting in future events in that area being put on hold. Please, everyone, be mindful of the responsibility event organisers personally take on so we can all continue with our sport. Be courteous and abide by their rules so their spot is respected and not blown. Please follow all instructions from the organisers; for your own safety and those of the other road users, for the protection of our sport and out of respect for the organisers who may be risking difficult liability accusations if anything should go wrong.

Link to BDSL Rulebook


Finally, the BDSL’s Prize Giving/AGM evening will be held in Rhayader on Saturday 28th March from 6pm in ‘The Crown Inn’, after the Racing at Sheepy for the season opener. We look forward to seeing everyone there. All suggestions for discussion and inclusion in the Agenda should be forwarded via email to info@BDSL.co.uk and anyone who would like to join the committee, please let yourself be known.


Thanks for reading, let’s make 2020 a cracker!


Words by Sabina Edwards & Dale Goodwin.

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