Great Britain goes to the World Roller Games!

As some of you know the World Roller Games in Barcelona, the WRG, registration was closed on the 15th of February. The BDSL was able to take steps to ensure that Longboarding and Luge would have the opportunity to be represented at the WRG.

To that end, there are the following positions available:

6 Male Longboard (maximum number available)
3 Female Longboard (Can be increased to maximum of 6 if required)
3 Mixed Luge (maximum number available)

The WRG event is to be held on the 3rd to 8th of July in Barcelona, a draft itinerary is attached to this email in the form of a Mailchimp Download link. Also attached are the official accommodation prices and site map.

Event entry fees have not been finalised but are expected to be around the £120-150 mark. Additionally, as this is a World Skate and an IOC event there are some additional conditions to entry, mainly Anti-Doping requirements and confirmation of Nationality, copies of which are attached in the download link. Any extra information you may be interested in can be found out at:

If you wish to put yourself forward for potential selection, please let the committee know by replying to this email or sending an email to Please send your request before the 15th of April to give time to process the requests.

Information pack available here

How will the final decision be made on entrants?
Should more people come forward to represent GB at the WRG than spaces are available, positions will be allocated based on 2018 IDF ranking followed by 2018 BDSL ranking.

Is funding available to assist my travel and/or event fee?
Currently the BDSL does not have any discretionary funds to help riders attend the WRG.

Why is the BDSL choosing riders?
The BDSL is the recognised longboarding and luge body in the UK by World Skate as a subsidiary of the British Roller Sports Federation. Previously this position was held by the British Roller Sports Federation only. The BRSF is the current body representing all roller sports, including skateboarding. The BDSL has managed to work with the British Roller Sports Federation to ensure autonomy of the BDSL for selecting riders, as well as ensuring that Longboards and Lugers interests are represented going forward.

When does the event registration open/close?
The event registration opens on the 15th of April and closes on the 31st of May. Please ensure that your request to compete is entered before the 15th of April to give the BDSL & BRSF plenty of time to process your request. Late entries will be considered only in the event that the available positions are not already filled.

How come there is a rider limit?
The rider limit is set by WS for the WRG and is not something that the BDSL has any say over at this time.

Why is the event so expensive and why do I have to use the organisers hotels?
A transport network and subsequent transport pass is included with the official hotel accommodations. Athletes are able to book their own accommodation but will not be entitled to the transportation pass and will be responsible for their own transport during the event, including airport transfers.
A 30% deposit will be required before the event, date to be confirmed, should you wish to book with the WRG hotels.

What do I need to provide if I chose to compete and am successfully chosen?
A copy of your British passport, a passport sized photo and a signed anti-doping agreement.
Entry fees will also be required, exact price to be confirmed, expected between £120-150 per rider.

Do I need to be at the event for all four days?
A draft itinerary is attached to this email, minimum required is 5th till the 7th of July, registration and official training starts on the 4th onwards.

What format does racing take?
The racing will be in the form of a Time trial qualifier with the fastest 64 riders going through into 4 rider knock outs, for both Longboarding and Luge.

The BDSL is very much looking forward to helping GB riders compete on an international stage as part of the WS and the IOC WRG event. This is a very new and exciting time for Longboard and Luge in Great Britain and we hope to represent your interests to the best of our abilities within the British Roller Sports Federation, Sport England, SkateBoard England and WS.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
Kind Regards
Daniel Shinnie, Pete Connolly, Aaron Skippings, Hermione Pearson, Dale Goodwin and Sabina Edwards

Information pack also available here

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