BDSL 2017 AGM Minutes

Embedded below is the minutes from the 2017 BDSL AGM:

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Dale, 25, UKDH/BDSL.
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2 Responses to BDSL 2017 AGM Minutes

  1. Joe Baldwin says:

    Nice notes. I would say that Rich is very much on the ball regarding participant acquisition from outside of the “core scene”.

    Would love to see a mailing list created (sign me up!). I also think a defined sales funnel/rider involvement roadmap would help massively.

    Regarding events, less is more sometimes. Make local sessions a necessity again. Maybe that will rebuild the regional groups. I seem to recall local participation being highest when there weren’t any events.


    • Daleyg3 says:

      Thanks Joe! Lots is going on behind the scenes to setup an official email domain ( then the mailing list will be live by end of Feb all being well.

      Totally agree with building up local scenes!


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